Bitter fighting ends VatryAvient relationship

DC-10 freighter airline, Avient, moved its operations, lock, stock and barrel to Liege airport on 8 September, amidst claim, and counter claim, with its former base.

Youri Busaan, director, business development at the airport said that the airline owes “a substantial amount of money”, believed to be in excess of €1 million, and that the airport would be pursuing a “legal battle” against the airline to recover the outstanding fees.

Busaan also alleges that the airport only found out about the move via the media and that a stored DC-10 remains at Vatry accruing additional parking fees.

Other sources revealed that the airline owes Customs and other providers in excess of €0.6 million.

Busaan believes that the move by Avient happened when it pushed the airline to settle its bills.

Andrew Smith (right), managing director of Avient refutes the allegations, saying that “all suppliers and debts will be paid”. In the direct dispute with Vatry, he added that he was taking legal action against the airport for “sub-standard service”, alleging that cargo was often lost or damaged, or went to the “wrong place”.

He also says that Vatry was informed of its decision to move on 5 August and that the airport refused to “deal with us to resolve the issues we had”. He added that “we are honourable people, we are not running away”.

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