Bruneis first air cargo company takes flight

BRUNEI’S first airfreight company has been launched. Syabas Aviation has now started a twice-weekly service between Brunei and Singapore every Tuesday and Thursday using An32 and An12.

Company chairman, Sheikh Abas Sheikh Mohamad, said: “We have received very encouraging news from Singapore and Brunei that there are a lot of clients who traditionally move via ships and are now willing to move to air shipping because of the speed, even though it is more expensive.

“Petroleum exploration, for instance, requires logistical products such as drilling parts. Certain work at the oilfield needs to be speeded up and faster delivery is required. For 30 years, we didn’t have dedicated air forward services to Brunei.

“Besides, we can also offer services to transport perishable goods, chemicals, batteries as well as very long, specialised industrial equipment. We are not competing with the existing air cargo flights, merely complementing them,” he added.

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