Cargo 2000 lowers membership cost

CARGO 2000 has created a new lower cost category of membership to encourage more medium-sized airlines and freight forwarders to realise the commercial benefits of its quality management system.

The new Regional Membership category is available to any company with operations in up to five countries and up to 20 sites in their network. In all, there are three tiers of Regional membership. The main category requires applicants to comply with the Cargo 2000 Quality Management System requirements and to be certified accordingly. They are required to achieve and maintain Phase 1 certification at one major site within 12 months of joining.

Mick Fountain, chairman of Cargo 2000, said: “Cargo 2000 is an industry standard that was never designed to only benefit the big multi-national forwarders and major airlines. Our quality system derives just as many benefits for medium-sized companies that wish to make a commitment to our program to achieve greater cost efficiencies, improved productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction. The lower cost of entry to Cargo 2000 is the result of our continued efforts to lower the membership fee. This new category has been designed to attract more medium-sized businesses and to further establish Cargo 2000 across the wider industry. I am confident that regional companies that join us will very quickly recover their membership costs in the measurable financial benefits our program delivers.”

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