Cargo airlines needed to rebuild Afghanistan

CARGO airlines are a vital part of Afghanistan’s recovery, said Peter Donlevy, chief executive officer of East Horizon Airlines.

Speaking at the Afghanistan Air Cargo and Logistics Conference in Dubai, Donlevy said that the withdrawal of the coalition’s military forces would herald a great deal of redevelopment and reconstruction.

“The key to the organic growth of Afghanistan is to build commerce and cargo flights are a major way of doing this. There will be a sustained demand for cargo to move around Afghanistan as the military withdrawal takes effect.

“As the stability of Afghanistan continues to improve, more and more commercial opportunities will open up within the country. Having access to reliable, efficient cargo carriers is crucial to rebuilding this trade,” he said.

“We have the ability to load and unload cargo in most locations, with our aircraft enabling us to get into unimproved areas that are inaccessible to other aircraft such as Boeing and Airbus,” he added. “This will make it possible to get equipment, goods and humanitarian supplies to their ultimate destinations across Afghanistan more quickly, safely and reliably than ever before.”

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