Cargo B Adds Another Freighter to its Fleet

AS part of a planned development strategy, Brussels-based Cargo B Airlines is adding another aircraft to its existing fleet. The new equipment is a B747-400 freighter, which will be delivered at the end of October for commencement of operations in early November.

Niek van der Weide, executive vice-president commercial, said: “We are delighted with this landmark in our company’s development as it will create a level playing field in terms of competing with other carriers already operating this modern, fuel efficient aircraft, capable of carrying higher payloads over longer distances.

“Cargo B will use the 747-400 on the three weekly flights to Latin America, serving Sao Paulo, Lima, Quito and Bogota. The increased capacity and fuel efficiency, will certainly result in a marked improvement and upgrading of our company’s service. The two B747-200 aircraft currently in the fleet, will continue to operate as back-up and offer extended charter capacity with the option to provide extra flights when appropriate. For Cargo B, this new era opens up future possibilities for entering new markets and routes.”

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