Cargo B prospers in South America

CARGO B is far from bankrupt, as reported in other media, and in 2008 has seen its South American business grow with 62 flights completed on the route.

Niek van der Weide, executive vice-president commercial, reports a healthy business climate especially from Europe, despite the general air of economic gloom.

“We are currently operating three frequencies per week with very high loads ex-Europe. Outbound we fly from Brussels to Sao Paulo, returning with perishables, especially flowers, via Lima, Bogota and Quito.”

Van der Weide claims that the market for flowers is steady and that the airline was also carrying out extra charters to Brazil for the automotive industry.

He added that the airline was set to survive despite operating fuel-thirsty 747-200Fs. “Clearly market conditions are very tough at present and the cost of fuel is causing everyone massive difficulties, but these operations are solid and viable. There has been much talk in the press about the B747-200’s operating cost, but with careful attention to planning and with good sales efforts, we can still achieve our objectives.

“We all pray for a drop in oil prices and a return to stability in world markets, but with our second aircraft returning from scheduled maintenance in August, we are confident of continuing to operate successfully.”

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