Cargo Bs former GSAs suffer the financial consequences

THE collapse of Cargo B has directly affected a number of GSAs throughout Europe, including the Netherlands-based Kales and Global GSA groups together with French and German Aero Cargo. Nouri Tiedke, general manager at Frankfurt-based Aero Cargo GmbH said: “Their ceasing of operations surely hurts us but doesn’t break our neck.”

Yet it is not primarily the financial consequences that causes him and his management sleepless nights, but the fact that the company “invested a lot of effort in convincing agents to have their shipments carried by Cargo B, setting up a reliable road feeder service and offering the market a quality product”, all of which has gone to ashes now.

Aero Cargo was appointed as the Belgian carrier’s German GSA in April 2009. Ever since, Nouri says, the number of shipments generated in the German market for its routes to Johannesburg and Latin America has grown. On routes to Sao Paulo, Lima, Bogotá, Caracas or Quito, Tiedke confirms that the three weekly flights were mainly pretty jammed, but indicated a possible problem of unbalanced loads on the return to Europe.

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