Cargo-carrying super airship

A PILOT model for an 800-ft cargo-carrying super airship is under construction in a purpose-built hangar in California, USA.
The project, called Aeroscraft, is being developed to provide a new way of moving heavy and oversized cargo, especially to areas with limited or no infrastructure, a cover story in the latest Freighters World reveals.
“It can potentially revolutionise global logistics as an efficient method of military and commercial air cargo transportation,” says a spokesperson for the project.
The company believes that, with its unique capabilities, Aeroscraft could operate as a core service provider in the logistics industry.
“As a partner to 3PL players, Aeros will open up new markets and elevate its customers to a more competitive position, creating a new logistical model,” the spokesperson adds.
A first version of Aeroscraft is now reaching completion. The mammoth 260-ft-long prototype (a one-third subscale of the planned 66-tonne model) is being built to prove its scalability. 
“Currently, Aeroscraft is in the process of final production and testing in our hanger. These tests will determine the mechanics, the buoyancy and the variability that will lead to the vehicle’s successful launch,” the spokesperson points out.
“We have many gauges and instruments to record the composites and structure. All of those will be continually verified and tested before a full-blown flight,” reveals Mansoor Kouchak, the company’s vice-president of engineering.
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