Cargo champion – Lilian Chan

DO not be fooled by the pretty outfit, Lilian Chan is a tough and tireless operator.
“Extremely exhausting” is how Hong Kong’s air cargo boss describes trying to keep up with his executive director.
Inspired by magazine articles and her self-confessed lack of sports ability Chan’s passion for air cargo knows few boundaries.
Chan joined Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals in 2001 and quickly rose through the ranks hooked on the thrill of success.
However, she admits she never imagined she would be as successful as she has been: “Taking up various marketing positions within the Jardines Group for more than seven years was an eye-opening experience. 
“Indeed, I’d never imagined I would have taken up the marketing positions in the aviation industry at HACTL.
“Somehow it is a good fit for my temperament and I find it great fun working in such a fast-growing industry.
“My job at HACTL just suits me 110 per cent,” she adds.
And she has advice for those looking to follow in her footsteps: “For years I’ve worked my way up with a determination which has got me far in life.
“When you have a determination to succeed you will always have your way of doing things – it is a never ending journey for one who aspires to accomplish.”
She says the frequent business trips and meetings fuel her and she believes she is just as keen as she was back in 2001.
In one anecdote Chan gives an indication of her tireless negotiating style: “On some occasions I imagined myself fighting in a tough battleground, but most of the time I actually enjoyed those negotiation moments. 
“At one airline meeting the atmosphere was kind of intimidating and it turned into a marathon meeting – mid way, people got exhausted – losing energy and dropping in concentration levels.
“All the men were just surprised how I seemed to have unlimited energy – in the end it was the other side of the table that said – what a tough meeting!”
?There is also a softer side to Chan when she considers her career outside tough negotiations, adding: “There is one thing that I really enjoy: I do believe I have made many friends and I am sure the day when I leave HACTL, the friendships will stay with me."
Mark Whitehead, HACTL managing director paid tribute to a tireless worker: “Lilian has a passion for the air cargo business. She engages her customers and always focuses on the areas in which we can improve our services, looking for opportunities to do more with the customers rather than settling for the status quo.
 “Travelling with Lilian on business trips is always extremely exhausting, since she has a huge amount of drive and spends the entire day meeting and discussing issues with customers and building relationships.  
“Such relationships can only be built up over time and delivering on the promises made sums up Lilian’s professionalism and dedication to HACTL and its customers.”
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