Cargologic gain Cargo 2000 certification

CARGO 2000 has awarded quality certification to Cargologic for the company’s freight handling centres in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany and Slovakia.

Cargologic joined Cargo 2000 four years ago. It is part of the Rethmann Group.

To gain accreditation, cargo handling organisations must demonstrate how they are meeting Cargo 2000’s standards and how this is supported through their operational processes, customer service and internal quality system.

Rudolf Steiner, executive vice-president, global sales & marketing at Cargologic, said: “We first joined Cargo 2000 to pro-actively communicate status updates with our customers in a uniform way and to simplify our procedures. We believe standardised status updates are a must and they are a vital part of our in-house quality system.

“Updating customers with timely and reliable status information is part of almost every service level agreement today. We are sure that when they come to appointing handling partners, airlines and forwarders are most likely to choose companies working to Cargo 2000’s standards rather than others.”

Lothar Moehle (above), regional director, EMEA for Cargo 2000, said: “Cargologic has a strong commitment to quality because it understands its importance to business retention and winning new customers.”

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