Cargolux “nice guys”

CARGOLUX is no faceless corporation according to a group of aircraft enthusiasts who contacted the Luxembourg based carrier.
For many years British airfreight watcher Malcolm Kennard has enjoyed watching the impressive array coming in and out of Manston airport in Kent (UK) and contacted Air Cargo News with a lovely story.
Kennard, who is a member of the Manston Movement Forum, says the guys at Cargolux were “extremely friendly” after he contacted them for some information on the 747-800.
He says: “A number of members from the Forum website, myself included, have been waiting patiently for a 747-800 to visit the airport, but since the aircraft’s introduction none have arrived. 
“Being that many members are keen Cargolux followers, which fly into the airport quite regularly, I decided to contact their UK office to determine if they were going to send any of their new 747-8’s into MSE. 
“Knowing they are a busy airline I was not expecting any form of response, but they could not have been more helpful. 
“I was pleasantly surprised to receive not just a response, but an offer to keep me informed should one ever fly into MSE.
“And they have certainly kept their promise. As a result of their kindness, Manston Movements members are now looking forward to seeing the first two aircraft arriving in September. 
“Had it not been for the generosity of the Cargolux staff, the Forum members would have missed the aircraft arrivals and departures. I am truly grateful to them all, in particular Cargolux’s Mark Boffee, Craig Robertson and John.
“There are some genuinely nice guys and companies in the industry.”
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