Cathay’s computer gamble

THE Asian market may be down at present, but Cathay is placing its bets on Chengdu (China) with two new freighter flights a week.

The flights, starting 12 October, will tap the fast-growing demand for air cargo services in the nation’s manufacturing hub. The aircraft will then continue on to Shanghai, China’s financial capital, before returning to Hong Kong.

“It is estimated that by the end of 2011, one out of five of the world’s computers will be made in Chengdu,” Cathay Pacific director Cargo Nick Rhodes said.

Rhodes said while the global airfreight market has seen a slowdown in recent months, the carrier “is still looking for opportunities to expand and diversify its network”.

The airline, which currently operates 16 scheduled freighter flights to Shanghai each week, started a twice-weekly freighter service between Hong Kong and Chongqing from 9 August.

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