CCN gains C2K seal of approval

CARGO 2000 has awarded a quality accreditation certificate to Cargo Community Network for providing IT solutions that measures, manages and improves the quality of air cargo shipments in accordance with the group’s quality management system.

CCN has been a member of Cargo 2000 since 2000, as part of its commitment to stay at the forefront of promoting paperless exchange in the air cargo industry. It is the C2K Data Management Platform (CDMP) provider to Cargo 2000 members Asiana Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

Lothar Moehle, program director of Cargo 2000, said: “This certification reflects CCN’s commitment to its customers in terms of offering IT solutions to simplify business processes. By providing this support to the Cargo 2000 members they represent, CCN is helping to improve their bottom line while delivering a high standard of quality.”

Andy Cheong, director of marketing CCN, said: “CCN with the largest connection of airlines and air cargo agents in Asia Pacific, has worked with Cargo 2000 since its inception and this certification has further signified our commitment to achieve a high level of quality standards for our services. AXIS (Aircargo eXchange Information System), our Cargo 2000 compliant platform, has provided our customers with a user-friendly and comprehensive solution to meet Cargo 2000’s high quality standards. It is customised in accordance with our customers’ requirements to offer total and integrated solutions.”

Pic caption: Andy Cheong and Mick Fountain, chairman of Cargo 2000

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