China’s largest airlines celebrate growth

CHINA Airlines’ revenue climbed to NT$11.1bn (US$375.38m) climb in March – up 15.38 per cent from a month earlier.

The nation’s largest air carrier reported cargo sales rose 25.96 per cent month-on-month to NT$3.93bn ($136m).

However, annually the cargo sector was down 17.95 per cent, leading overall revenue to fall by 1.65 per cent compared with March 2011, according to CAL’s figures.

Meanwhile, Eva Airlines posted NT$8.89 bn ($277m) in revenue for last month, up 17.44 per cent from a month ago and 5.63 per cent from last year.

Cargo sales rose 29.2 per cent month-on-month to NT$3.23bn ($99.2bn) which was 5.83 per cent lower than those recorded in March 2011.

The Chinese New Year and the launch of Apple’s new iPad are being credited with driving up demand.

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