Coventry’s cargo comeback

JUST six weeks after cargo services resumed at Coventry Airport (UK) a contract with a second carrier has been signed.

Coventry has secured business with German all-cargo airline Nightexpress, which has transferred its operation from Birmingham Airport (UK). This new contract follows a deal agreed earlier this month with Atlantic Airlines for flights to Maastricht (the Netherlands), Lille (France) and Dublin (Ireland).

“We had a contract with Nightexpress until we temporarily closed in December 2009,” Marc Watkins, business development manager at Coventry Airport, said. “Since we have re-opened we have been looking to resume cargo flights and it is great we have secured a second cargo airline to fly into the airport in a matter of weeks.”

Some Nightexpress Frankfurt (Germany) services will be transferred at Coventry on to the Dublin flight with Atlantic Airlines.

As a result of the deal all of Nightexpress’ handling personnel have been transferred from Birmingham to Coventry Airport.

“We transfer packages, documents, special shipments, loose freight and large volumes in a variety of sectors including agricultural, automotive, medical and pharmaceutical [products],” Yvonne Boag, managing director of Nightexpress, commented. “The cargo facilities at Coventry are perfect for our needs and will help us to consolidate our position as a market leader in this niche sector of the industry.”

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