Crossflight look to green solution

CROSSFLIGHT, express logistics operator based near Heathrow, claims it is pursuing a green agenda and doing its bit for the environment by helping to offset the CO2 emissions generated by its customers’ deliveries.

The decision to offer a carbon offset delivery service, means that Crossflight’s customers now have the option to pay a small surcharge, which is then invested in carbon reduction projects run by Climate Care.

The idea was developed by Crossflight’s managing director Richard Stoughton (right), who realised that his customers wanted a simple and effective method to offset their carbon footprint and increase their environmental credentials. “Many companies realise that global warming and climate change will affect their markets, and want to take action to become more environmentally responsible. Our surcharge allows customers to help reduce greenhouse gases for their national and international deliveries, while at the same time remaining competitive and helping the planet,” he said.

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