Delhi cargo handling times dive

ONGOING construction work being carried out by Turkish cargo services provider Celebi and DIAL at Delhi Airport’s cargo complex has delayed the clearance of airfreight for several days.

In mid-April the Federation of Export Organisations (FIEO) said hundreds of vehicles were queuing in the parking area outside the airport and carted cargo was taking three to four days to go inside the airport. Exporters faced further heat from their customers when a software change problem meant further setbacks.

The latest report on 20 April says there is limited access of shipment carting with Celebi allowing only 600 tonnes of cargo a day. Vehicles waiting to offload goods are being issued tokens and then given a gate pass to enter the airport premises based on a first-come-first-served basis.

Customs systems are working normally but Customs is not extending working hours. The goods that are entered late inside the airport are only cleared the next day.

In total it takes around four to five days for the completion of Customs clearance procedures.

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