Delta sells off Northwest fleet

DELTA Air Lines is planning on selling most of the Boeing 737-800 jets that it currently has on order. It plans on selling 31 of the 33 jets, which will cut its financial commitment by US$1.3 billion and its capacity by an additional six to eight percent this year from the five per cent already cut last year.

Delta has already reduced its fleet by 20 planes last year, including: two B747-200F airframes, five B757-200s, four Airbus A320-200s, four DC-9-30s, seven CRJ-100 regional jets and an Embraer 120 airframe. All the aircraft belonged to Northwest, which Delta bought last year. The sale generated US$123 million, with a profit of $21 million.

Leased aircraft have been returned to lessors and ninehave been grounded.

However, Delta has also bought five 737-700s, four 757-200ERs and two 777-200LRs.

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