DHL and Emirates e-freight drive

DHL Global Forwarding and Emirates SkyCargo will partner to drive the e-freight agenda across their networks, to become the industry leaders in implementing it. 
Both companies recognise the strategic value of e-freight; working in an electronic environment will bring enhanced operational efficiency and improvement to the supply chain.
According to the International Air Transport Association, up to US$4.9bn of annually industry savings, could be generated by e-freight processes. 
And the environment will also benefit from the elimination of 7,800 metric tonnes of paper documents worldwide per year. This is the equivalent of 80 Boeing 747 cargo planes.
Michael Schaecher, head of global airfreight, DHL Global Forwarding, says: “Already today DHL Global Forwarding handles more than a third of all international forwarder-issued e-freight shipments. 
"We will work with Emirates SkyCargo to ensure that driving e-freight volumes stays a key strategic program for us.”
Ram Menen, Emirates divisional senior vice-president cargo, says: “Emirates is a huge advocate of e-freight and is already one of the leaders in the industry in actual numbers of shipment carries on the e-freight lanes.
By reducing paper and carriage of paper on aircraft, e-freight will help to reduce errors and increase accuracy. 
"We believe by collectively engaging we can achieve better and coordinated results.”

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