DHL increases Penang capacity

DHL Express has increased its cargo capacity to and from Malaysia by 30 per cent – with the introduction of a new A300 freighter service to Penang. It replaces a B727F on the route.
The highly urbanised and thriving island of Penang plays an increasing role in Malaysia’s external trade.
Almost 61 per cent of the country’s exports go to China, the United States, Hong Kong, Japan and Germany, while 63 per cent of imports come from China, the United States, Singapore, Japan and Germany.
“Penang is one of the country’s top three most developed and industrialised states and is the hub for the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER), says Yasmin Aladad Khan, senior vice-president for DHL Express in south-east Asia.
“The decision to add capacity to the route reflects DHL’s commitment to enhance our service offerings so that our customers will continue to enjoy efficient and reliable express and logistics services,” adds Khan.
The importance of Penang is evident from its contributions to the country’s overall gross domestic product.
“The introduction of the new freighter comes at an opportune time as it will provide an extra 30 per cent cargo capacity.”
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