DHL Qantas sign ATSG

AIR Transport Services Group (ATSG) has secured two deals to provide widebody airfreight services.

The first deal is with DHL affiliate European Air Transport, running a six-days-a-week charter service between Brussels (Belgium) and Lagos (Nigeria) with ATSG subsidiary ABX Air. Part of the deal also includes ABX Air and a new ATSG subsidiary, Airborne Maintenance and Engineering Services, maintaining the aircraft.

The second deal is with Qantas Airways subsidiary, Qantas Freight. That deal will run for two years and involves ATSG’s Air Transport International using Boeing 767-200-SF aircraft to run an overnight service between Australia and New Zealand every Monday through Thursday.

“The aircraft will have a payload of approximately 42 tonnes and will also be made available for charter work and weekend rotations when demand exists,” said executive manager of Qantas Freight, Stephen Cleary.

The deals are part of ATSG’s attempts to claw back business after DHL Express’ departure from Wilmington, Ohio gutted the company’s revenue and town’s employment.

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