DHL talks to ABX

DHL has, in an unexpected move, turned to current partners ABX Air and Astar Air Cargo to increase their current services.

DHL pulled a massive amount of business out of the US last year, specifically at its Wilmington, Ohio site with the loss of 8,000 local jobs. It then had an exclusive contract with DHL to sort and fly its packages but this expired in January.

“When that period ended, we began talking with other potential partners,” DHL spokesman Jonathan Baker said.

“DHL has let us know they believe they will now need us through September to keep doing what we are doing. That is the only definite information we have from them,” ABX Air spokeswoman Beth Huber said.

DHL was ABX’s biggest customer and it still owns the 2,200-acre airport ABX operates on its behalf. Following DHL’s scaling back in the US market last year the local state government has been trying to persuade it to donate the airfield to the region and so help maintain local employment.

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