Dubai cargo vigilance quashes drug trafficking

OFFICIALS at Dubai Cargo Village are not toying around when it comes to drugs and suspicious packages. The cargo section at Dubai Airport has been fitted with 400 security cameras under a new plan, which could not have come along sooner.

It was announced today that opium traffickers were arrested after their smuggling operation was foiled by Dubai Customs, which seized 9kg of the drug found in wooden children’s toys being shipped from an Asian country.

Two shipments were sent via airfreight by companies based in an Asian country on their way to two Western countries, while the third shipment was sent using a different company based in the same Asian country heading to a third Western country.

At the airport the Cargo Security Administration’s director Major Jumma Al Roum said the checking of cargo at the village, airport and other outlets in the emirate is conducted by hi-tech screening systems and trained police dogs. Any suspicious item would be examined and searched manually, Al Roum added.

Dubai Cargo Village handed nearly 2.3 million tonnes in 2010, passing through the Administration’s 22 screening machines and 290 policemen and other staffers at the village.

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