Dubai prepares for new ‘game changing’ security regulations

THE air cargo industry should be ready to adapt and embrace any new security regulations that are imposed following the recent bombs carried on passenger and freighter aircraft, according to Emirates divisional senior vice-president, Ram Menen (right).

“What the recent events showed is that security in Dubai worked,” says Menen, “we have been implementing a high security regime for a long time and complying with what every country has been asking us to do.”

Menen says that how the various agencies involved react to the latest events will shape future security requirements, but they must consult with the industry to ensure “commerce does not come to a halt”.

Menen urges airlines, Cus­­toms and forwarders to embrace e-freight and secure freight as enthusiastically as Emirates has to help create a key plank of terrorism prevention. “Intelligence is the key to effective prevention. e-freight and secure freight can provide real time information and intelligence and by working with agencies around the world we can create workable solutions without bringing commerce to a halt.”

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