DVV Media buys Air Cargo News

GERMANY’S DVV Media Group (DVV) has acquired Air Cargo Media, publisher of Air Cargo News and Freighters World.

DVV is a leading European media company that focuses solely on transport and logistics. This is the first time that an air cargo publication has been owned by a major group with such a focus.

On completing the deal, Air Cargo Media’s managing director and co-founder, Ray Crane, announced his retirement to spend more time with his family.

Crane said of the announcement: “We work in a global market place. I often refer to air cargo as being a multi-billion dollar international village. Technology is moving forward at a rapid pace and DVV’s technological push forward will help achieve [the newspaper’s] aims more swiftly and to the benefit of the air cargo business.”

Commenting on his retirement: “I was 65 in June, or as an older friend recently quoted to me – I am now in the youth of old age! Too many privately owned companies do not plan for the future. I see DVV Media as a quality partner [for the newspaper].”

Returning to the company and replacing Crane will be former co-founder and launch editor Nigel Tomkins (pictured).

Tomkins has been working with DVV on several international projects since leaving Air Cargo Media in 2005. “This change of ownership is a big boost for Air Cargo News’ readers and customers,” said Tomkins. “Not only does DVV have a commitment and the resources to invest in this business, but its focus has always been on quality editorial and circulation and I am looking forward to benefiting from such a professional approach.”

“This is a significant step for DVV,” said Dieter Flechsenberger, managing partner of DVV. “Until now, air cargo was a missing link in our multi-modal chain,” he added.

DVV publishes more than 30 trade magazines and logistics publications in Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Poland and the UAE. In the UK, it also owns Railway Gazette.

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