EU and Israel cut aviation red tape

FOLLOWING the EU’s and Canada’s signing to remove restrictions on aviation between themselves now Israel and the EU have done likewise.

“This agreement will allow any EU airline to operate flights between any EU member state and Israel where a bilateral agreement with Israel exists and traffic rights are available,” said European Commission vice president Antonio Tajani explained.

He also said that the new deal did not replace those agreements between Israel and the individual EU member states.

“Horizontal agreements have been negotiated with 38 countries worldwide. Nearly 800 bilateral air services agreements have already been modified by the joint efforts of the EC and member states to replace nationality rules with the principle of EU airline designation,” he added. “The agreement is an important step towards further strengthening EU-Israel aviation relations and will encourage traffic between the EU and Israel.”

“In parallel, the EU and Israel started today negotiations on a comprehensive aviation agreement with a view to establishing a common aviation area between the EU and Israel.”

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