EU lifts ban on Indonesian cargo airlines

INDONESIAN cargo airlines Air Maleo, Asia Link, Cardig Air and Republic Express have been permitted to enter the European fly zone once again.

The airlines have been removed from the list of those banned from entering the European fly zone “due to solid enforcement action taken by the Indonesian authorities to ensure that their operations are safe”, the Official Journal of the European Union said.

The removal of the ban came after the EU’s video conference with the Indonesian authorities on 11 March, who said that all air carriers in Indonesia, with the exception of Wing Air, had undergone re-certification.

The Indonesian directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA) also informed the commission that only nine per cent of the aircraft operating in Indonesia had yet to be fitted with the required International Civil Aviation Organization equipment.

The DGCA had issued an exemption permitting operations until the end of 2011 and that aircraft not fitted after this date would be grounded.

“The Air Safety Committee takes note of these developments and encourages the competent authorities of Indonesia to continue their efforts to enhance the oversight of air carriers under their regulatory responsibility,” the journal said.

A total of 10 Indonesian airlines have thus far been removed from the EU flight ban list, including Airfast Indonesia, Ekspres Transportasi Antarbenua, Garuda Indonesia (pictured), Indonesia Air Asia, Mandala Airlines and Metro Batavia.

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