Europe to strengthen air cargo security

EUROPE plans to introduce tough new security regulations in the wake of the airfreight bomb scares last month.

EU transport vice-president, Siim Kallas (right), is taking part in a series of high-level meetings to discuss the changes.

“We need new rules on security controls of cargo and mail from third countries, so I intend to propose legislation early next year on transfer cargo originating outside the EU,” he said.

“We must also move more quickly to tighten EU requirements for supply chain security. We must expand inspection programmes, to ensure that these requirements are implemented properly,” he added.

Fortunately, Kallas is building a reputation for reasonable solutions, unlike many other politicians and members of the popular press around the world.

“We should not fall into the trap of overreacting with new across-the-board screening and control procedures,” he said. “That would paralyse both the aviation industry and our economies, which rely on fast and reliable air cargo services. That would be a victory for our opponents, who would probably still find another loophole somewhere. We must be confident but not complacent.”

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