Evergreen pilots reject pay offer

EVERGREEN International Airlines (EIA) crewmembers, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), have rejected a tentative pay offer by management.
"We are aware that the holding company is struggling to meet substantial debt obligations,"ALPA said in a statement, "but are convinced that the airline can afford reasonable improvements in wages and working conditions for its employees."
Crewmembers ruled the offer not acceptable, as there has been more than 10 years of no improvements in pay or working conditions and over five of negotiations with first one union and now ALPA since 2007.
"The crewmembers could not get past the fact that they are working under 1999 wages and work rules and would have continued to do so for another two years under the rejected tentative agreement," says William Fink, chairman of the Evergreen pilot group.
Evergreen is suffering after losing Boeing’s Dreamlifter contract, which it alleges Boeing transferred to Atlas as compensation due to the delayed delivery of 12 747-8 freighters that Atlas has on order. The compensation would have cost Boeing nearly US1$ billion.

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