‘Everyone must shoulder security task’

COLLABORATION in security is the key message coming out of a conference in Singapore.
“Indeed the responsibility cannot and should not be put on the shoulders of one actor but must involve all stakeholders,” says Pang Kin Keong of Singapore’s Ministry of Transport in his address to the conference.
With security a key theme set for the 2013 World Cargo Symposium in Doha, Keong’s comments to the Joint Conference on Enhancing Air Cargo Security and Facilitation will feed into the debate on how best to secure the world’s freight.
“It is also unwise to place the onus and responsibility on just one node of the global supply chain,” he added.
“[To do so] would be less robust and more inefficient causing choke points.” 
The two-day event is organised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation and the World Customs Organisation.
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