Ex-Evergreen lawyer sues airline

EVERGREEN International Aviation is under legal attack from its ex-general counsel. 
Monique DeSpain is suing the freight-friendly airline for firing her after she pointed out what she claims were unlawful employment practices, in particular, racial discrimination in pay scales. DeSpain was criticized for her approach and told that she “asked too many questions”.
In a statement, her lawyers say: “DeSpain’s straight-shooting and aggressive problem solving style was condoned and rewarded when demonstrated by men but was contrary to the role of women defined and preferred by Evergreen chairman Timothy Wahlberg and other Evergreen executives whose expectations were that women should work in a stereotypically appropriate manner – deferential, compromising, affirming and quiet.”
“Ms DeSpain was terminated because of the archaic attitudes and unlawful actions of Evergreen’s executives, led by chairman Timothy Wahlberg.”
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