Ex-Malaysian airfreight rates double

AIRFREIGHT rates on major carriers out of Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport have doubled recently, prompting freight forwarders to use smaller carriers.P. Kalimuthu, first vice-president and airfreight chairman of the Penang Freight Forwarders Association (PFFA), said: “Earlier this year, due to the global recession, major cargo carriers reduced their capacities. They have yet to increase their capacities despite the recent improvement in the global economic climate. That Chinese companies are willing to pay premium charges also helped push up airfreight charges.”Airfreight rates to the US have risen from around US$3 per kg to $5 or $6, while to Europe the charge has risen from about $2 to $4.Kalimuthu said that local forwarders “save about $1 per kg using non-major cargo airlines”.

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