FAA rejects night-flight ban at Burbank Airport

ATTEMPTS to impose a night-flight ban at California’s Bob Hope Airport in Burbank have been rejected by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).The FAA said that the ban, which has been petitioned for by local residents for 10 years, was “not reasonable” and would “create an undue burden on commerce”. It would have prevented flights between 10pm and 6.59am.“Based on the information submitted in this application, it is not likely the benefits will outweigh the costs to users,” the FAA’s report said.“The Burbank curfew would have just moved the problem around,” said Gina Marie Lindsey, the agency’s executive director.Residents have vowed to continue to pursue the ban. “We are disappointed, but we have not given up the fight,” said Joyce Streator, president of the airport commission.

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