Farmer destroys Carlisle airfreight plans

PLANS to develop Carlisle Airport into a freight storage and distribution centre have been scuppered by a local Irthington farmer, Thomas Brown.

Brown went to the Court of Appeal, which has now ruled that the authority should have conducted a full environmental-impact assessment before approving Stobart Air’s plans for the airport.

Stobart’s chief executive officer, Andrew Tinkler, said: “We intend to appeal as we feel the court has not given due regard to us as an airport operator. Despite this setback, we remain committed to finding a solution for our future logistics activities at the airport.”

However, he added: “If it’s not possible to do it in Carlisle we’ll have to look at other areas. Hopefully as time goes on we’ll be able to get the solution we need at Carlisle Airport.”

The leader of Carlisle City Council, Councillor Mike Mitchelson, said: ”The city council will continue to work with the developer to bring forward improvements to Carlisle Airport. We will also give detailed consideration to the terms of the judgment and any possible grounds for appeal.”

Aviation consultant Peter Elliott, who once worked for Tinkler and who acrimoniously left the company’s employ said with Schadenfreude glee: “I am thrilled for the people of Irthington. There will now be no airfreight aircraft flying low over their village.”

Elliot had tried to take Tinkler to court for alleged “criminal aviation activities” at Carlisle Airport. The case collapsed, leaving Elliott bankrupt.


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