Fatal Russian crash pilot error

PILOT error was the likely cause for the fatal two-plane collision in Russia’s North Caucasus last week. The two Il-76 cargo planes struck each other when landing and taking off at Makhachkala airport in the capital of Daghestan.

The plane that was landing was carrying 31 military personnel as passengers. It struck the cockpit of the empty Il-76, which was taking off, killing all the crew. Four people – all crew – were killed, five people were injured and one is missing. All military passengers survived.

“The airport is closed, prosecutors are working there, and the airport will not open until they have received instructions,” an airport spokesman said.

The mid-haul Il-76 cargo plane can carry 200 metric tons, often delivering outsized or very heavy cargo. It carries 90 per cent of ramp-delivered European airfreight.

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