Forwarders sign up for Impatex

IMPATEX added 25 new companies to its customer base in 2007.
Between them, the new users have added a further 35 branch locations to the hundreds already served by Impatex software.
Customers signed up in 2007 ranged from single-outlet courier operations to the UK multi-branch operations of major global groups such as DSV, RH Freight and, more recently, Aramex.
Peter Day, Impatex managing director, said: “The main area of growth was in the small to mid-range forwarders. Now that the disappearance of the ISDN link to CCS-UK, has restored a level playing field among software suppliers, users are free to pick the system that’s best for them, rather than the only one that offers a particular connection. This has had a discernibly positive impact on our sales.
“We have a fully-featured customs system that represents a significant saving in costs for the larger companies using 3rd party duty management systems, as well as the smaller companies just processing frontier clearances.
“With the recent addition of the NetFreight web-based forwarding system to our product range, and the excellent publicity we received for our smooth handling of the switch to SAD-H, we expect another good year in 2008.”

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