Fraport records new cargo high

FRAPORT’S Frankfurt Airport made a new record for airfreight tonnage, which jumped by 21.5 per cent to 2,2341,348 metric tons in 2010. December’s airfreight rose 3.3 per cent to 179,673 metric tons year-on-year.

“The aviation rollercoaster of 2010 at times paralleled the stock market fever on hectic trading days,” said Fraport executive board chairman Dr Stefan Schulte. “We completed the year with positive results overall, despite the onslaught of severe winter weather at the beginning and the end of 2010, despite strikes by airline staff and air traffic controllers in numerous European countries, and despite the multi-day shutdown of European airspace due to the ash cloud crisis,” said Schulte.

“With the inauguration of our new Runway Northwest in October of this year – at the start of the winter timetable 2011/2012 – we will create the prerequisites for Germany’s leading air transportation hub to meet growing traffic demand in the future,” he added.

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