Fraudster implicated in end of Ghana Airways

AN investigation has revealed how fraud committed by the ‘nephew’ of the former president allegedly led to the demise of Ghana Airways.

The man, known only as Daasebre, claimed to be the nephew and personal agent of former president John Kufuor and his wife, Theresa Kufuor. Ghana’s Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) found that Daasebre, Ola Duroyaiye of Ghana Airways and their associates regularly took payments for passengers and cargo that they claimed were associated with either of the Kufuors, thereby bypassing both official taxes and paperwork.

“Instead of the official rate of US$1.64 per kilo, the ‘Goro boys’ charged $1.26 without the knowledge of management,” the investigation said, adding that cargo and luggage was routinely smuggled on board the airline’s aircraft.

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