Fraudsters target Cargolux

FRAUDSTERS are targeting customers of Cargolux, claiming to be representatives of the all-cargo airline.

Robert van de Weg, Cargolux’s senior vice-president of sales and marketing confirmed the threat and exclusively told Air Cargo News: “Cargolux and other transportation companies are indeed confronted with the unauthorised use of their names and logos on the Internet by individuals pretending to be employees, agents or representatives of these companies. These persons use webpages, Internet chatrooms and fraudulent e-mails to contact potential victims. They offer them goods – in general cars or pets – at very interesting prices or completely free of charge. They request though a certain amount of money for the transportation of these goods.

“Cargolux has informed the enforcement authorities of several countries of the existence of these illegal practices and has posted a note on its website to advise all potential victims of the risk incurred.”

The airline added: “Cargolux carries out business relationships only with certified/accredited agents and forwarders and not with individual customers. Moreover Cargolux does not solicit, via Internet or other means, payment or personal information in return for goods in transit or in Cargolux custody.”

Meanwhile, the airline has introduced a fifth transpacific service. The service flies Luxembourg-Singapore-Hong Kong-Los Angeles-Luxembourg.

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