Front line workers need security training – WCO boss

EVERYBODY in the industry needs to understand the threat of terrorism, smuggling and trafficking says World Customs Organisation Secretary General.
In an exclusive interview following a meeting with his ICAO counterpart Kunio Mikuriya said they were drafting a handbook of best practice and would be offering training to all levels of air cargo workers to boost security awareness from the ground up.
Promising to roll out training on a global scale he says: "The problem with the security process is that we have to trust the weakest link spread over a global supply chain.
"What is really important is that, on a national and a ground level, people start to understand that security isn’t that easy and without understanding at a national level our work on an international level cannot progress."
Mikuriya said every air cargo worker would notice the effect of agreements reached with Raymond Benjamin including the best practice guide.
For the full interview see the 23 July Air Cargo News
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