Gadola perfect fit for Panalpina

PANALPINA has appointed Marco Gadola as new chief financial officer and member of the executive board. He will take office in autumn 2008.

“I am delighted to announce the appointment of Marco Gadola as the new CFO of Panalpina,” said Monika Ribar, chief executive officer. “With his qualifications and his long experience in both international and listed companies, he is a perfect fit for Panalpina. I am convinced to have found an ideal person for this demanding job,” she added.

Gadola said: “Panalpina is an extremely dynamic company with a clear customer-oriented global strategy. The company is in a fast moving and highly demanding growth market with an ever-changing environment. This asks for new solutions on a regular basis, which is why I am convinced to be able to bring in my personality, my skills and experiences in an ideal way.”

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