GIV makes first eDGD declaration using Frankfurt’s INFr8

Germany-based dangerous goods specialist GIV has sent its first digital shipment declaration via the eDGD portal INFr8 at Frankfurt Airport.

Adem Yurt, managing director and dangerous goods safety advisor at GIV, said that he wanted his company “right from the start” to be involved in the pilot of the INFr8 portal.

“We joined INFr8 at an early stage so that we could contribute our know-how to the project’s development. In airfreight – especially in dangerous goods processing – the transport handling documentation has until now been manual and paper-based.

“This is where the shipping portal INFr8 comes in. With INFr8, we can not only create the eDGD, the electronic dangerous goods declaration, but can also send it directly to the airline as an electronic document.

“This allows them to process the information using their software and, if necessary, send us back any corrections without processes being delayed.”

Using INFr8, GIV has implemented a digital information chain from its customers, forwarders and dangerous goods companies, leading through to handling agents and airlines, making their dangerous goods processing “more transparent, significantly faster and overall more efficient”.

In addition to being able to create and share dangerous goods declarations electronically, one further advantage is that the pilot participants are already receiving up-to-the-minute current status information on each individual transport step.


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