Global cargo traffic rises 5.2 per cent

THE International Air Transport Association (IATA) reveals there was a 5.2 per cent rise in cargo traffic in February compared with last year.
However, the body says “several factors inflated last month’s results and distorted figures, including weaker traffic during the Arab Spring last year and the Chinese New Year holidays in January”. 
Cargo traffic fell by 1.2 per cent from January but demand ‘continues to be relatively stable’.
Tony Tyler, IATA’s chief executive officer said: “The outlook is fragile. 
“Improvements in business confidence slowed in February. This implies that an up-tick for cargo is not imminent. At the same time, airlines trying to recoup rising fuel costs could risk reduced volumes on price-sensitive market segments.
“Weak economic conditions and rising fuel costs are a double-whammy that an industry anticipating a 0.5 per cent margin can ill-afford,” he adds.

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