GSSA Update – 16 February 2010

THE EGSAC GSSA network has appointed SNTTA Cargo as its exclusive member for Sharjah in the UAE.

SNTTA Cargo represents Emirates, Iraqi Airways, Kuwait Airways, Royal Jordanian, Singapore Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Sudan Airways. It operates from Sharjah with offices at Sharjah International Airport, Dubai International Airport and in Abu Dhabi.

SNTTA Cargo’s general manager, Mohin Jassal said : “Airfreight remains an important mode of transport in this region, despite the introduction of extensive trucking services between the GCC countries. Sharjah and Dubai attract large volumes of transit cargo for Africa and Europe, and have recorded strong growth over the last 15 years. This trend is expected to grow into the future.

“SNTTA Cargo’s exposure to the wider international industry through the EGSAC network will help us to develop important contacts worldwide and grow the business.

EGSAC’s president, Ton Smulders (right), said: “We are delighted to welcome SNTTA Cargo to the EGSAC family. This is a substantial operator with excellent credentials, and adds significantly to the professional coverage we can offer to carriers all over the world.”

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