Hactl makes strong recovery

HONG Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) handled a total of 244,087 tonnes in March, with cumulative tonnage for the first quarter at 636,743 tonnes. Ignoring the results pit of 2009, and measuring against the same time in 2008 with 236,619 and 614,533 tonnes respectively, this shows the company is only three and 3.4 per cent off pre-crisis levels.

Export volume in March and in the first quarter, reached 131,349 tonnes and 338,446 tonnes respectively.

A total of 63,740 tonnes of import cargo were handled in March, while cumulative import tonnage for the first quarter was 174,569 tonnes.

Transhipment volume for March was 48,998 tonnes, while total transhipment volume from January to March was 123,728 tonnes.

Lilian Chan, general manager marketing and customer service, said: “While we believe that the strong volumes reflect the consistent recovery of world economy as a result of resuming stocking needs and consumer sentiments, we will not underestimate the potential challenges ahead. Long-term prospects would very much depend on the overall global economic climate.”

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