Hactl Welcomes Donghai Airlines

HONG Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl), welcome Donghai Airlines Co Ltd as a new customer. The Shenzhen-based freighter carrier launched its inaugural flight to Hong Kong on 9 September, starting its four-time-a-week freighter service, with routings Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Chengdu.

Hactl has been appointed by Donghai Airlines to be its air cargo terminal operator at Hong Kong International Airport, providing hassle-free physical cargo handling services.

Lilian Chan, general manager, marketing and customer service of Hactl, said: “We are delighted to extend our warmest welcome to Donghai Airlines as our new customer. Chengdu, as a core city, certainly plays an important role in commerce and transport infrastructure development pertinent to the expansion of the central-western part of China. This freighter services to and from Chengdu will undoubtedly further enhance the seamless connectivity with Hong Kong. We keenly look forward to partnering with Donghai Airlines for mutual growth and expansion.”

Xhou Yunda, chief executive officer of Donghai Airlines, said: “The launch of this new route aims to enhance the air cargo flow between Chengdu and Hong Kong, providing a better support to the post-earthquake rehabilitation works at the affected area, as well as the re-engineering of the economic development of West China. We are very happy to partner with Hactl, with its excellent reputation on premier service with particular emphasis on safety, security and efficiency.”

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