Hawaii says ‘aloha’ to Easter eggs

THEY may not have been covered in chocolate, but 20,000 eggs flown from Honolulu made Easter special for people living on the outer islands.

Aloha Air Cargo flew out of Honolulu with three large pallets of eggs destined for locations on Kauai, Maui and the Big Island on 21 April.

The eggs were donated by Hickman Farms in Arizona and due to their perishable nature had to be shipped via air cargo before they expired. Aloha Air Cargo stepped up to the act in an agreement with the Hawaii Food Bank.

In total there were 18 boxes of eggs per palette. Each box had 30 dozen eggs equating to 19,640 eggs. After the fragile product was shipped, they were transferred over to the outer island Food Bank outlets, where staff prepared them for distribution to their respective partner agencies. These ranged from food pantries and soup kitchens to homeless shelters.

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