Heathrow fight heats up

THE fight for London Heathrow’s proposed third runway has entered a new phase with environmental groups, local councils and residents starting their legal challenge to the government’s plans.

Those against the runway and sixth terminal say that the consultation process to determine whether they should be built was, “fundamentally flawed”. The Department for Transport (DfT) stands by its decision and the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has suggested the runway and terminal would bring £21.7 billion (US$33 billion) to the UK economy.

Hillingdon Council leader Ray Puddifoot, said: “If this airport runs at full capacity…it will produce an extra 23.5 tonnes a year of CO2. That’s as much as the 54 least polluting countries produce every year, and that’s just one airport.”

Lord Soley, director of the pro-runway group Future Heathrow, said that not to go ahead with the expansion would have a “catastrophic” affect on west London.

“So many people’s jobs are dependant on that airport remaining a premier hub airport that they do actually support it.”

Transport Secretary Lord Adonis, said: “Even in tough economic times, we must continue to invest in vital transport infrastructure which benefits jobs, businesses, our economy and the environment.”

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