Hjoerdis Stahl leaves LuxairGroup

HJOERDIS STAHL, executive vice-president of the LuxairGroup, is stepping down from her position to join the Entreprise des Postes and Télécommunication (P&T Luxembourg), where she will head up the postal and logistics activities. 
Her statement reads: “I have been in charge of LuxairCARGO for the last five years and these have not only been challenging and sometimes difficult, but mostly rewarding, progressive and ‘crowned’ with good results. I feel LuxairCARGO has done much to put our clients and partners into the forefront of our work, has changed the way we interact with and for customers, have made the necessary adjustments and investments for the future.
"I would have liked to finish what was started, but in our continuously changing world, it is illusory to think this work will ever be concluded. For me, I leave behind a cargo centre that has shown a willingness to change, that has adapted to the demands of our clients, that is on track for growth and quality, and so the time is right to move on to something new.
"I value each and every personal and professional relationship that has been built up. For the future, I wish you continued success, and above and beyond anything else, happiness and good health.”
Stahl’s tenure at Luxair ends on 1 July, so in order to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities, a management team encompassing Dirk Schmitt, Jean Claude Kowalsky and Laurent Erhard, has been put in place from 30 June. A successor has not yet been announced. 
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