Hungary airport strike goes on

HUNGARY’S main international airport is still suffering under a strike of its civil aviation workers.

Staff went on strike when management of the airport abruptly cancelled their contracts and refused to enter negotiations. Since then, it has been reported, some of those staff still at work have been forced to work 5 to 10 kms away from their usual workplace in overfull biodings with not water or basic supplies. Additionally, the management has tried to hire inqualified strikebreakers, which is against the law.

Réka Szabó of the union said: “Budapest Airport management has refused to negotiate with us unless the employees end their strike. Instead of negotiating, they’ve been using manipulation and threats against workers in an attempt to force them to return to work. It seems that Budapest Airport management does not understand, that the apprehension, uncertainty and humiliation they’ve been causing workers is what led to the strike in the first place.”

Hungary is suffering threats of widespread public sector strikes due to the government scrapping their usual 13th month’s pay bonus in an attempt to avoid financial collapse. Latest reports say that the planned strike in January may be called off if recent agreements on compensation are finalised.

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